The Altruists: Staff Picks

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These teachers, entrepreneurs and advocates use their talents to uplift those around them.

The professional goals and altruistic drives of these three staff picks are interconnected. Their businesses support emerging markets and improve mental and physical well-being.

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10years down
Look at us now
We not different from the start
We still fight
Day and night

We have been shaped by experience
Looked upon by many
And we still fight
Day and night

L have loved, you have loved
we been loved, hated and ignored
We have been heartbroken,  broken hearts
So we fight
Day and night

We screamed, danced and still do
Made friends, new enemies
So we shall fight
Day and night.

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She is as sly as a fox, with a temper of a wounded lion,  she is the Queen Cobra, fierce that a few walk her path at the greatest of moments she is sweeter than that we call honey.
She blows like the mist of eden, risen up with the hope of all the olden,  carries a light in one hand

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My Mom’s Music & Pol Pot: Happenings in January 1976

Creative Thresholds

by Megan Volpert

bob dylan desire


My mother turned eighteen years old on the same Monday Pol Pot presided over the ratification of Democratic Kampuchea’s new Constitution. She was one year short of drinking age, with no other legal freedoms worth claiming except the delayed gratification of a right to vote against Ford that following winter. Cambodia’s new regime had little to say about the right to vote, except in Article Six, where the distribution of representation among members of the legislative body is outlined as 150 for the peasants, 50 for other working people, and 50 for the revolutionary army. Those 250 people get to elect the administration, as long as they elect Pol Pot. This was Year Zero, where everybody not eligible to vote was eligible to assist the Khmer Rouge in its grand new vision of communism by marching off to dig themselves a slice of mass grave. This…

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